How to Apply to the Apple Developer Transition Kit

WWDC was held recently on June 22, 2020 and they didn’t hold back this year. With many new items coming this fall like iOS 14, Mac Big Sur and Apple Silicon. One of my favorite announcements had to be the universal app quick start program. I’ll take you through a quick process on how to apply so you can be one of the few developers that gets a chance to take this baby home

Developer Transition Kit

They have started release the Mac mini with the new A12Z SoC this week but only to a selected few. When I first heard about this I was filled with excitement and later found out that only a few professional developers get this opportunity. Even though you’re getting early access their exclusive product there is a cost. Apple is requiring you to pay $500 dollars upfront and will have to return it in a year.

Application cost

Everyone deserves an opportunity to apply and I have attached the link so you can have that same opportunity.

I applied to the program and quickly found out that I wasn’t approved. What a disappointment.

Let’s say if you did apply and got improve you would be able to build these universal apps that will be available to consumers in fall. I quick example would be Microsoft word, excel, and power point.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel

Event though I didn’t get approved for the transition kit you can still apply to become an apple developer. You’ll need to download Developer app on the App Store and enroll. Usually takes 1–2 business day to get a respond but this should be something you might want to do if you ever want to make apps for apple.




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