How to use React Bootstrap Table on React.js

When it comes to building out an app that provides a user friendly table to display and manipulate data you want to make sure you use React Bootstrap Table. React Bootstrap Table allows you to add, delete, and edit all in one single area with out having to build out long prices of code. I’ll be walking you step by step to build you that best fits your app.

Step 1: Install React Bootstrap

You want to go into your vscode terminal and copy and paste the code below.

Step 2: Import react-bootstrap-table in module

Step 3 Add CSS

Step 4 Create a react-bootstrap-table in your app

Step 5: Manipulation Delete and Create

I love react bootstrap table because of all the manipulation you can do with the table. One of the things you can do is delete an item with a click of a button. Let me show you how its done!

Congratulations you now have a full interactive table to show your users!

React Bootstrap Table has way more to offer and I have put a link below so you can explore all the build in functions. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like and share.



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